Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barbie Shorts

Shopping for vintage patterns I came across the Leisure Arts Hawaiian Honeymoon Fashion Doll Wardrobe, 2132. The short patterns for Ken and Barbie worked up quickly. Using sports yarn for both patterns made this an attractive option. Some of the patterns in this leaflet and others require crochet thread. As of yet, I have not mastered the use of thread when crocheting. I have not given up. However, my attempts so far have produced twisted pieces that do not maintain a single straight or round row on one side of the thread. My hope is that more experienced crafters can help me achieve this goal by teaching me the skills involved.

The top for this is a result of a practice piece from a dress. The dress pattern came from Annie's Pattern Club Fashion Doll Quick and Easy. Of all the vintage pattern books, I have purchased so far, this is still my favorite. All the patterns are crocheted in sports yarn, a big benefit. Another reason it has continued to be a favorite is there were patterns I could do when I got the book and patterns I am still working on learning how to crochet. It is great to be able to start on a project and still have room to grow in a pattern book.

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