Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wooly Mammoth Amigurumi

This pattern sold me on buying this book. The wooly mammoth was adorable and I had never seen a pattern for one before. When I read the pattern, I decided to make the mammoth last because I realized it was going to be different from the other patterns. On the surface, it appears to be simple, but as I read the directions and worked through them, there were more challenges than I expected.

The body itself was straight forward and as expected. The head worked up smaller than I anticipated based on the picture, but the row count seemed accurate. I was using a yarn I had never used before, so this could have affected the outcome. Gauge could also be a factor as none is stated. As stated in earlier blogs this will not be the only one I make, so I will have a chance to experiment and see what works.

The directions on the tusks did not work as I expected. When I switched from sc to sl I found I had a smaller size appropriate tusk for the animal I was creating. Again, this could be a result of gauge, yarn, or the size of the mammoth’s head.

Overall, I really like this pattern and am looking forward to applying what I have learned to another mammoth.

For those seeking the pattern book it can be found at Gourment Crochet's, Amigurumi's Dinosaurs.

Please see the Dinosaur and Dragon Page for free knit and crochet patterns.

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

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