Tuesday, March 13, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Baby Hat

I've been branching out this year and trying some new projects. I've made doll hats, but never a baby hat. The Bibs & Bonnets leaflet that I got the pattern for the Shamrock bib also had a hat. Since I'd not made one before it seemed worth a try. One of the challenges of working with out of print patterns is the yarn used in the original pattern is often been discontinued. Even when you have a gauge there is no guarantee you have have the right yarn. You kind of have to play with it a bit to make it work. My first attempt will end up being donated as a doll's hat once I make a dress to go with it. As I said making gauge does not ensure a good match for the project.

Once I understood the directions for the brim, the second hat worked up easier.

Pattern notes:

I used Knit Picks Brava Dublin and Peapod yarn for the hat. The hat pattern had a shamrock decoration for the hat, but it was kind of thick and heavy so I decided to use the shamrock pattern from the bookmark I made previously. You can find the pattern here.

I am no fan of sewing so instead of crocheting the light green insert and sewing it in, I used the open row of stitches from row 11 and did a row of dc and then a row of sc to provide the hat band. It didn't provide the texture of the original pattern, but it was much easier than the prescribed pattern directions.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Shamrock Bib

I was looking for something cute to add to my St. Patrick's Day Holiday box and I came across an out of print House of White Birches leaflet Bibs & Bonnets leaflet. The leaflet includes hats and bibs for Halloween, Thanksgiving, First Birthday, Santa, July Fourth, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Sunday Best.

Charts are always a challenge for me, but I have been working on improving my skills this year and challenging myself to take baby steps outside my comfort zone. This was a good project for that as the chart was small and thus not too challenging to work. The tough part was finding coordinating colors because my search for soft cotton didn't find two greens, so I ended up with using knit picks cotton and acrylic and the transitions weren't all I'd hoped for, but I still think I came out with a cute product.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Nobby Scrubby

I've been looking for different kinds of kitchen items to crochet for a friend who is putting together items for a basket to donate. Another friend sent me a link for this free pattern which you can find here. These work up quickly and are good for targeted scrubbing jobs in the kitchen. Even with my big hands I was able to get three fingers into the hand section. This allows you to apply a little more pressure as you are cleaning.

Just a few notes for myself. The pattern requires you to work two pieces of cotton kitchen yarn together, so you need to make sure you have two available to use. You can use two separate skeins or roll two balls, but it isn't easy to work from both ends. Second, check your guage for this project. Gauge can be off when you work with multiple skeins. I had to go from the required J hook to a K to make gauge. If I hadn't the pocket for my hand would have been too small and the cleaning area would have been almost useless.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Piggy Scrubber

I posted a few days ago about finding pink scrubbies so I could make the pig in the 25 Fun Dishcloths To Crochetleaflet. I had an appointment that required waiting yesterday, so getting the dishcloth part of this pattern done was a great choice for a project that I could do with minimum attention while still feeling I was getting something finished.

This is the first time I've tried to sew a scrubby to a dishcloth. The sewing was easier than I expected as the stitches blended well into the mesh. Embroidering the nose proved to be a little more challenging as the location for the nose and the mesh didn't align perfectly, but I still believe it came out rather cute.

Now for my project notes. I added a back to this dishcloth which makes it about the weight of a potholder, especially with the scrubby. I did this for two reasons. First, I am not the neatest sewer in the world, so with sewing all the pieces on and embroidering the nose, the back is not as pretty as I'd like it to be, especially for a project that is going for a donation basket. My second reason for creating a back for this was to protect the scrubby. Once you sew the nose to the dishcloth the scrubby weighs down on the dishcloth just a bit. With the additional support from the back it is a stronger piece and I hope likely to rip.

In order to make the back I followed the first 7 rows of the pattern. I didn't end off the yarn and I crocheted the two pieces together crocheting behind the ears picking up the stitches to close the opening. The ears actually look cuter this way. There is no second set of ears, only the round circle.

Last note, this pattern called for a size 7 hook. I do have one, but it wasn't in my travel kit. I used my h hook and I was happy with the results.

As I mentioned before this dishcloth is headed off to a friend's kitchen donation. I'm having a great deal of fun exploring different kitchen patterns in between my other projects.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Crochet Turkey Dinner

My Valentine's post mentioned I received this pattern from my wonderful DH for Valentine's and I've been trying to find a some free time in my crochet schedule to get it made. These are fairly small patterns that work up quickly and give you a fun little crochet meal for your little ones to play with anytime, but especially at a holiday meal when you need distractions. While this one is headed into my toy donation box, I do plan on making one to send with the Thanksgiving holiday box. As I said, play food is a great way to distract the children while the adults are busy actually making the edible stuff.

I'm pleased to say I'm adding veggies and full meals along with the fun desserts and junk food I plan on making for the donation project. There really are an increasing variety of toy food patterns out there.

You can purchase this pattern here. The pattern set includes the turkey, asparagus, sweet potato, cranberry sauce, and the salt and pepper shakers I didn't make for this set. I plan on making them when I make a set of condiments.

Now for my notes, the pattern called for an e-hook and since this was my first time trying this I decided I'd go with the suggestion. Next time I'd go with the more traditional g-hook for amigurumi. I think it would have made the overall assembly a bit easier. Don't overstuff, I think this will be less of an issue if I'd had used a larger hook. The pattern calls for red yarn, but the cranberry shade looks better. Maybe it is s a New England thing, but when I pulled the red out to use it I just couldn't do it.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Itty Bitty Dolls

I love the holiday 5" dolls but I've never had much luck making the crochet clothes and I'm not a knitter. A friend at Crochetville has sent me some Thanksgiving and Christmas ones and when Mary Maxim started making the knit kits, I talked my Mom into knitting the kits if I bought them and sent them to her. The dolls have added some simple holiday cheer and with help from friends and family I've greatly expanded the holidays I now have dolls to line my mantel during the year.

For those of you interested in purchasing the knitted kit you can find it at Mary Maxim here.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Pink Scrubby

Have you ever decided to make a project and then found yourself stuck on the simplest of materials?

A friend is collecting kitchen items to donate for a raffle and I have been having fun putting together some projects I don't normally make. I've been pulling out old and new books and even picked up some new patterns along the way. One book I picked out of my collection was 25 Fun Dishcloths To Crochet. I had hoped to make the pig pictured on the cover.

I thought the pig was cute and I'd never seen a dishcloth made with a scrubby. Seemed like a straight forward plan to me. After all they sell scrubbies everywhere.

True enough until you decide you care about color. Sure I can get scrubbies, but pink??? That become a scavenger hunt. DH and I hit all the Dollar stores in the area and the local Walmart and they all had scrubbies, but no pink. I searched online and again lots of scrubbies. However, the only pink were hand made and not cost effective for this project. One of the sweet Fairy Godmothers came through at Crochetville with an offer to send me one from her multi-package. Then during a return trip to Walmart the elusive pink seems to have been restocked and I stocked up because if I this works out, I'd like to make more than one.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Bookmark

I wish I had located this pattern before my St. Patrick's Day cards went out, but there is always next year. You can find the free pattern here.

This is not actually a bookmark pattern, but if you leave a long tail before you begin the starting chain you can extend the stem into a bookmark tail. My suggestion is to leave a much longer tail than you think you'll need. I found I needed to add thread as I ran out before I'd finished the length I wanted.

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