Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Crochet Turkey Dinner

My Valentine's post mentioned I received this pattern from my wonderful DH for Valentine's and I've been trying to find a some free time in my crochet schedule to get it made. These are fairly small patterns that work up quickly and give you a fun little crochet meal for your little ones to play with anytime, but especially at a holiday meal when you need distractions. While this one is headed into my toy donation box, I do plan on making one to send with the Thanksgiving holiday box. As I said, play food is a great way to distract the children while the adults are busy actually making the edible stuff.

I'm pleased to say I'm adding veggies and full meals along with the fun desserts and junk food I plan on making for the donation project. There really are an increasing variety of toy food patterns out there.

You can purchase this pattern here. The pattern set includes the turkey, asparagus, sweet potato, cranberry sauce, and the salt and pepper shakers I didn't make for this set. I plan on making them when I make a set of condiments.

Now for my notes, the pattern called for an e-hook and since this was my first time trying this I decided I'd go with the suggestion. Next time I'd go with the more traditional g-hook for amigurumi. I think it would have made the overall assembly a bit easier. Don't overstuff, I think this will be less of an issue if I'd had used a larger hook. The pattern calls for red yarn, but the cranberry shade looks better. Maybe it is s a New England thing, but when I pulled the red out to use it I just couldn't do it.

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