Monday, March 5, 2018

Pink Scrubby

Have you ever decided to make a project and then found yourself stuck on the simplest of materials?

A friend is collecting kitchen items to donate for a raffle and I have been having fun putting together some projects I don't normally make. I've been pulling out old and new books and even picked up some new patterns along the way. One book I picked out of my collection was 25 Fun Dishcloths To Crochet. I had hoped to make the pig pictured on the cover.

I thought the pig was cute and I'd never seen a dishcloth made with a scrubby. Seemed like a straight forward plan to me. After all they sell scrubbies everywhere.

True enough until you decide you care about color. Sure I can get scrubbies, but pink??? That become a scavenger hunt. DH and I hit all the Dollar stores in the area and the local Walmart and they all had scrubbies, but no pink. I searched online and again lots of scrubbies. However, the only pink were hand made and not cost effective for this project. One of the sweet Fairy Godmothers came through at Crochetville with an offer to send me one from her multi-package. Then during a return trip to Walmart the elusive pink seems to have been restocked and I stocked up because if I this works out, I'd like to make more than one.

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Linda said...

Glad you finally found a pink scrubbie. That is a cute dishcloth.

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