Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Lil Cutesies Dress

I love the way color can change the look of a pattern. I made this outfit for the 2021 Lil Cutesies Doll doll donation mirroring the colors in the pattern you can purchase here. Changing the yarn to green gave the dress a different look.

I used a B hook for this pattern.


I did not use the tie suggested in the back. Instead I joined the back together. The back is wide enough that you can easily slide the doll in and out of the dress without needing to add a tie. It is just makes it easier for a child to dress the doll.

The biggest change I made was preparing for the skirt. One technique I've picked up this year for adding both skirts and trims which I've really liked is crocheting in the back loops of the row you later will add a skirt or trim. This technique was not used for this pattern and I didn't like the way my skirt looked using the method suggested. This resulted in my using my original attempt for a differnt proect and restarting and rethinking how to create this outfit which would allow for a row with backloops to add the skirt.

I left off a row of the knickers which I then replaced when I added the bodice. This let me use the actual first row of the bodice to crochet the row in back loops to allow me to use the front loops later for my my skirt row. Others may not find this necessary but I found it was much easier to get an even starter row for the skirt all around.

I'm also adding a note to remind myself that the first skirt row and the remiaing skirt rows are different. This doesn't give away the design notes but I didn't read the directions carefully and wondered why my skirt did not look like the one in the picture. Once I followed the directions I got the fuller look I wanted.

Also, I'm still working out the bulkiness of the knickers. I haven't quite mastered this challenge yet. I like that they attach to the skirt, but I'm still struggling with the problem that both times I've made this the knickers are bulky. I'm thinking leaving out some crotch stiches might be a solution.

As far as color choices go for making this in the future I rather like this color combo. A reminder to myself the top color is also the knickers color. Just something for me to remember when consider how much yarn I have available for a project. Sometimes I think I can finish a project with a small ball but in this case it is not just a small trim but a larger part of the project.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Santa Hot Pad

Twas the night before Christmas in 2020 and I was not hosting my annual Christmas party so I decided it would be a good idea to finish the hot pad I started. I had only finished the striped area and there was much to do to complete the project, but I had time on my hands with the COVID restrictions so I went to it.

The pattern for the hot pads is based on a mug rug pattern found in Spooktacular Crochet.I make a second mug rug in a primary color and crocheted the two together to get the thickness one wants for a hot pad. I've been making these since I bought the book prior to Halloween in 2020 to brighten my holiday kitchen items. I originally thought I'd have a complete Santa applique for the hot pad but the figure was far larger than I'd anticipated. By using the Omega Sinfonia and a c hook I was able to make Santa's head fit but the body was too large. You can find the free applique pattern here.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

We are starting to get back to interactions for the holidays again. We attended a few craft fairs this fall already and it has been a wonderful experience to see what others are making in person again.

The family I normally send holiday boxes too has been relocating this fall so I held off the Halloween box until next year and didn't make a Thanksgiving box. The last thing you need when you are packing moving box is more stuff. There is always next year.

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Lil Cutesies Green Christmas Footed Pajamas

I'm working through my duplicate set of Lil Cutesies outfits hoping to have complete sets for both girls altering the colors to keep me sane while making them.

As I mentioned previously while this is one of Darski's free patterns it is not available at Crochetville you will need to join her io group here to have access to the pattern here.

I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Paddy Green, Hot Red,and White for this project.

I alternated the order from the previous project and if I'm making only one in the future I'd go with green for both projects as the primary color.

I used an I hook for the top and the bottom and buttons to close the shirt.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Lil Cutesies Green Christmas Dress

I'm trying to keep this Christmas project even so each child gets the same dresses for the Lil Cutesies dolls. To help them tell the outfits apart I've chosen different colors for the same patterns.

The outfit is made with the same colors as the first,Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Paddy Green, Hot Red,and White. I just reversed the order of the colors to get a different look. For my own notes if I make this again I'd stick with the green on top. I like the look better.

The shoes are made with Shady Lane's Gingham Tote Pattern found here and I used now unavailable Red Heart Sport Yarn.

I didn't mention this in my previous post but while I used an I hook for the dress I used a J hook for the panties as they were a bit tight otherwise.

As I mentioned in my previous post this pattern is available on Darski's IO group here, not on Crochetville where I generally send you for her patterns.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Lil Cutesies Yellow Romper Christmas Gift

I made one yellow romper for the donation this year and as I love the color with this pattern. I decided I'd make another yellow one for the Lil Cutesies Christmas presents. I'll have to decide on a second color for the second child but for now I have another outfit finished as the Christmas deadline looms ever closer.

This dress is part of Shady Lane's Gingham Tote set which you can purchase as a digital pattern here and in print here.

I went with the suggested hook size for the dress and shoes and as I suggested in a previous post I used a D hook for the headband.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Little Cutesies Christmas Footed Pajamas

I mentioned in yesterday's Christmas Dress post that Darski's Lil Cutesis First Christmas pattern is not available on Crochetville but on her io group. You can sign up and check the files for 8.5 inch dolls to find the pattern. You can find her io group here.

I originally thought I'd make all three patterns from the set but I have never mastered the art of socks I'll be sticking with these two patterns and making two sets for my Christmas presents this year. I have limited time to put together a wardrobe so I think learning socks is perhaps something better learned when I have more time.

This is a really cute set and while I've chosen them as pajamas because of the footed pants, since they are baby clothes they'd be appropriate for any time of day. You could easily make these in other colors as well as they work up quickly. I just like the Christmas pajamas tradition and thus we have Christmas PJ's for the Lil Cutesies.

I used an I hook for this outfit. The h was just a little tight for the doll.

As with the dress I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Paddy Green, Hot Red,and White for this project.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Lil Cutesies Christmas Dress

I picked up a couple play sets for the Little Cutesie dolls for Christmas gifts this year. I wanted to add clothing to the gift and since it was Christmas started with Darski's Babies First Christmas free pattern set. The pattern set includes a dress, footed pj's, and a stocking cocoon.

Normally I direct you to Crochetville for Darsk's free patterns but she also has her own io group with a directory for her free patterns. I was unable to locate this pattern on Crochetville so you will need to go to her io group, sign up and check the files for 8.5 inch dolls to find the pattern. You can find her io group here.

Darski's pattern includes booties, however I changed the pattern to include shoes. These are the shoes from Shady's Lanes's Gingham Totes Pattern set. The set can be purchased in digital form here or print here.

The dress is made with Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Paddy Green, Hot Red,and White. The shoes while they seem to look black in this picture are acutally green. The Shady Lane pattern require lighter weight yarn and I went with now unavailable Red Heart Sport Yarn.

I used an I hook for the dress as it was tight with the H hook. The shoes were worked with an E hook. I keep looking back at my notes for hook sizes and I always regret when I fail to note what size hook I used and if it was the right one.

Since I need two for my Christmas package I plan on alternating the colors and making a dress for the second gift. After all both dolls will need a holiday dress.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

My Life Claret Dress

This is the second outfit from Darski's free Harriet pattern found here. This may in fact be the last of the donation outfits for 2021 as I've begun work on my Christmas gifts and I want to make a box of Barbie clothes for a family member which will probably be a post Christmas gift for her granddaughters. When those projects are done it will be time to start the 2022 doll donation work.

This used up the end of a skein that's been in a misc yarn pile for a bit now. It was nice to see it gone. I did end up using an old skein of Red Heart sport to trim the bottom as I didn't have quite enough to finish the dress. The colors were a match and the change in weight was not relevent in the trim.

I used an I hook for the dress to get the fit right.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

My Life Harriet

This is another one of Darski's free patterns you can find here. I've been looking for patterns that have been sitting in my doll binders that I've either never made or not made in years. This is one I made once many years ago and never gone back to so it seemed a good time to revisit. I'm working on the companion dress hoping to make it for this year's deadline. If not next year will work as well.

This outfit was made with Caron One Pound Yarn - Medium Grey Mix and Bernat Super Value Yarn, Navy. My supply of worsted brands varies based on sales and availability and I try to "shop" from my stash whenever possible for my doll projects. These colors were both in my yarn stash so they were my go to yarns for the outfit.

I ended up adding a few rows to the top to make it slightly longer and a few to the skirt as I wanted the long skirt pictured in the pattern. Mine ended up shorter following the pattern and it was easy enough to add some rows.

I went a size up on hook size for the top but stayed with the suggested size for the skirt. I did not use elastic for the skirt. I did add a finishing row of sc to the top of the skirt.

When I make this again I'd like to remember to make the scarf. It is a nice accessory for the outfit and I always seem to forget it.

Monday, November 15, 2021

My Life Pilgrim

My now adult nieces were the ones that introduced me to the American Girl dolls and they always seemed to like the historical stories that went with the dolls.

I've always tried to include some historical themed clothes with the 18-inch dolls I donate. In the past I've used Darski's free We Gather pattern for my Pilgrim costume. You can find it here. This year I wanted to try Adoring Dolls pattern which can be purchased here.

This pattern was easy to follow but for my own notes I did make some adjustments. First I used an I hook instead of an H as I found the dress was a bit tight. I also added a few rows to the torso prior to joining as it was hard to get the arms into the arm holes when I joined it as suggested. Even remaking with I hook did not change this challenge but the added rows did. This could just be a factor of my guage and these notes are for my use when I make this pattern again.

I love the boots for this pattern and will definetly be using them with other 18-inch doll patterns as they work up quickly and easily and fit well. The bonnet was slightly disappointing and I ended up reworking it as I do with the We Gather pattern. I will continue to work mine and at some point do need to write down the pattern so I have it for my records.

I ended up adding a few rows to the apron again could just be my guage to make it the length in the picture. To make the ties more secure I chained 40 and then crocheted across the top of the apron chained 40 sc into the chains across the top again and then into the chains at the other end. When I do this again I'd ss not sc into the chains. It would make for less bulky ties.

I'm getting closer to my donation date and have been shopping the holiday sales settling on some of the Lil Cutesies sets for my Christmas package. I've decided along with the dolls and accessories I purchased I'm going to try to put together a wardrobe including some accessories using patterns I make for the donation dolls. With this in mind I'll likely be wrapping up the donation project soon to have enough time to finish my Christmas items. I want to make sure they have quite the wardrobes.

Of course the donation project never really ends once my Christmas projects are done it will be time to start working on Doll Donation 2022.

I've already got many of the dolls purchased for next year. I managed to pick up Barbie the same time I found the Lil Cutesies Christmas gifts and I purchased a few of the same doll so I should be good for a few years without having to look for a new model. I also picked up another couple of Chelsea dolls as I'm hoping to do better with her outfits if I start earlier. Still need Stacie, Skipper, and Ken. I know the dolls I want for the first two but am waiting on price. Still haven't found a replacement Ken I like as they discountinued the farmer I used this year. That leaves me with the JC Toys - Lots to Love Babies 14" Doll that I haven't found at a price I like. I also still need the 2 JC Toys - La Baby16-inch Baby Dolls which with all the supply chain issues could be challenging. I've been remarkably blessed so far. These may just be something I end up buying after Christmas.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

My Life Howdy Neighbor Madison Dress

I mentioned last week that I set out to make the Madison dress from the free Howdy Neighbor pattern set found here.

I didn't give up when the first one fit the 15 Inch Rag Doll I just had to find different yarn that would work better.

For this project I targeted some Michael's Craft Smart yarn that I bought shortly after A.C. Moore closed and it hasn't been my favorite of the craft stores house brands. So I am determined I am going to finish off what I bought and then not have to look at it in my stash any longer. I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, White for the trim.

If you need a quick dress project this one works up fairly quickly.


I followed the directions for hook size and dress construction except I did finish the back with green yarn prior to adding the trim. As I mentioned in the Rag Doll post I found this made the back neater and made it easier adding the buttons and button holes.

Monday, November 8, 2021

16 Inch Baby Doll Sunny Days

I have a date now for the donation drop off. The dolls will be headed out at the beginninng of December so I'm finishing up what I can before the date and anything that doesn't make the cut will go towards next year's donation.

This is another of Darski's free patterns Sunny Days found here. The shoes are taken from her Peachy Keen set found here.

I did add some rows to the dress this year as it seemed short using the combination of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Bright Yellow and White with the suggested hook. I also added an additional finish row on the button hole side as the back was just a little tight. I think when I make this again I'd think about a larger hook for the top and a smaller than suggested hook for the skirt as it gets a bit wide. I'd rather add rows for length than have it get too wide. I also added trim to the arms. I just liked the look.

I posted Friday that I'm still looking for deals before purchasing next year's Barbie dolls, a 14 inch Lots to Love Baby Doll, and the JC Toys - 16-inch Baby Dolls. I did find a good deal for the 18 inch Our Generation dolls for the 2022 donation so those are off my list. I'm pleased to have done this well this early.

Friday, November 5, 2021

My Life Chef Hat

I mentioned earlier in the week that I'd donated the chef hat from the My Life Chef outfit to a Halloween display. That meant I had to go back to Darski's free Howdy Neighbor pattern found here to make sure this outfit was complete to send off with the donation. I didn't want to put it off for fear I'd get distracted and it wouldn't get finished.

I was able to order the My Life 18 inch Dolls I need for the 2022 dolls this week as I got them on sale. Now I just have to hope they aren't damaged in shipping. I had an issue with the Our Generation Dolls I ordered last year as these sales can result in boxes not arriving as you'd hope. I'm hoping they arrive in donation shape so I don't have to deal with returns.

I've got 10-inch Lots to Love baby dolls back ordered. I'm slowly working on acquiring my next round of donation dolls and accessories as I find them on sale. I already found the Lil Cutesies Dolls and the Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Time to Eat Doll Accessories Feeding Sets for next year.

Still looking for good deals on the Barbie dolls, the JC Toys -16-inch Baby Dolls, Lots to Love 14 Inch Doll, and Our Generation Doll, and I have to decide what I'm going to do about the Rag Dolls for next year.

I am hoping the dolls I've ordered arrive after I drop off this year's donation as space will begin to become an issue if I don't drop off before adding more dolls to my donation area.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

My Life Raincoat

I have a binder that I've been filling with outfits from Adorable Dolls for the 18-inch dolls. Her patterns are quite affordable, easy to follow, use available yarns or yarns easy to substitute from my stash and I generally can follow them to completion.

The one challenge I do find with her patterns sometimes is the formating. She has interesting ways of creating the shaping in her patterns so the stitch counts can be long in each row but I sometimes end up making notes as they can be challenging to follow as printed. The directions are clear and once I've written them out I never have trouble following them but formating them a little more clearly would make this situation ideal.

This pattern was worked from my Joann's Big Twist Stash. While a slightly lighter worsted I love the color selection and especially when on sale the price is very attractive, especially for my donation projects where spending less means I can do more.

You can purchase the pattern here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

15 Inch Rag Doll Howdy Neighbor Madison Dress

I was continuing to work through Darski's Howdy Neighbor pattern and thought perhaps I cold make the free Madison dress pattern found here with Herrschners Worsted yarn I've been trying to use up for the My Life Doll. The fit was a little tighter than I liked so I decided it would be a nice addition to the 15 Inch Rag Doll's donation.

I added a row to the bodice for this doll and removed a row from the skirt prior to adding the spiked trim to the bottom of the skirt. I used a dc spike rather than a sc. I just found it easier to make. The suggested hooks worked with this yarn for this doll, though it proved to be too small for the intended My Life doll. I also finished the back and top with a row of sc prior to changing to the trim color as this gave back a more finished look and made adding buttons and button holes easier.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

My Life Chef needs a new hat

Our neighbors set up an amazing haunted yard every year. As I saw them setting it up this year I saw the skeleton had an apron but no chef's hat. I asked if they were interested in one and offered to see if the doll hat would fit. It did and I will be making another one for the donation doll after I finish the outfit I'm working on now but it was worth it to contribute to a fun Halloween night.

Monday, November 1, 2021

My Life Howdy Neighbor Tunic

This is the last pattern found in Darski's free Howdy Neighbor pattern set found here.

I followed the directions as written for the tunic. I went up a hook size on the hat and added a row of reverse sc on the open top to finish it off. I made my pants top down splitting for the crotch but not adding chains as I've done in the past. I used the spike stich suggested for the shirt on the leg bottoms.

The shoes once again are from Sweet Creations School Girl Pattern that can be purchased here. I added some spike stitches as an extra decorative row just for fun.

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