Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Lil Cutesies Green Christmas Dress

I'm trying to keep this Christmas project even so each child gets the same dresses for the Lil Cutesies dolls. To help them tell the outfits apart I've chosen different colors for the same patterns.

The outfit is made with the same colors as the first,Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Paddy Green, Hot Red,and White. I just reversed the order of the colors to get a different look. For my own notes if I make this again I'd stick with the green on top. I like the look better.

The shoes are made with Shady Lane's Gingham Tote Pattern found here and I used now unavailable Red Heart Sport Yarn.

I didn't mention this in my previous post but while I used an I hook for the dress I used a J hook for the panties as they were a bit tight otherwise.

As I mentioned in my previous post this pattern is available on Darski's IO group here, not on Crochetville where I generally send you for her patterns.

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