Monday, November 15, 2021

My Life Pilgrim

My now adult nieces were the ones that introduced me to the American Girl dolls and they always seemed to like the historical stories that went with the dolls.

I've always tried to include some historical themed clothes with the 18-inch dolls I donate. In the past I've used Darski's free We Gather pattern for my Pilgrim costume. You can find it here. This year I wanted to try Adoring Dolls pattern which can be purchased here.

This pattern was easy to follow but for my own notes I did make some adjustments. First I used an I hook instead of an H as I found the dress was a bit tight. I also added a few rows to the torso prior to joining as it was hard to get the arms into the arm holes when I joined it as suggested. Even remaking with I hook did not change this challenge but the added rows did. This could just be a factor of my guage and these notes are for my use when I make this pattern again.

I love the boots for this pattern and will definetly be using them with other 18-inch doll patterns as they work up quickly and easily and fit well. The bonnet was slightly disappointing and I ended up reworking it as I do with the We Gather pattern. I will continue to work mine and at some point do need to write down the pattern so I have it for my records.

I ended up adding a few rows to the apron again could just be my guage to make it the length in the picture. To make the ties more secure I chained 40 and then crocheted across the top of the apron chained 40 sc into the chains across the top again and then into the chains at the other end. When I do this again I'd ss not sc into the chains. It would make for less bulky ties.

I'm getting closer to my donation date and have been shopping the holiday sales settling on some of the Lil Cutesies sets for my Christmas package. I've decided along with the dolls and accessories I purchased I'm going to try to put together a wardrobe including some accessories using patterns I make for the donation dolls. With this in mind I'll likely be wrapping up the donation project soon to have enough time to finish my Christmas items. I want to make sure they have quite the wardrobes.

Of course the donation project never really ends once my Christmas projects are done it will be time to start working on Doll Donation 2022.

I've already got many of the dolls purchased for next year. I managed to pick up Barbie the same time I found the Lil Cutesies Christmas gifts and I purchased a few of the same doll so I should be good for a few years without having to look for a new model. I also picked up another couple of Chelsea dolls as I'm hoping to do better with her outfits if I start earlier. Still need Stacie, Skipper, and Ken. I know the dolls I want for the first two but am waiting on price. Still haven't found a replacement Ken I like as they discountinued the farmer I used this year. That leaves me with the JC Toys - Lots to Love Babies 14" Doll that I haven't found at a price I like. I also still need the 2 JC Toys - La Baby16-inch Baby Dolls which with all the supply chain issues could be challenging. I've been remarkably blessed so far. These may just be something I end up buying after Christmas.


Kim Carberry said...

Having historical themed costumes is a great idea. x

Laurie said...

This is DARLING!!
My grandma used to crochet me Barbie doll clothes. I wish now that I’d kept them!

So precious!

Feel free to come share your creation over at the Homestead Blog Hop! You’d be very welcome!

God bless!
Ridge Haven Homestead

Laurie said...

Congratulations on being featured this week! I do love this doll dress, and it’s so fitting for the Thanksgiving holiday!

God bless!
Ridge Haven Homestead
Homestead Blog Hop

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