Tuesday, November 9, 2021

My Life Howdy Neighbor Madison Dress

I mentioned last week that I set out to make the Madison dress from the free Howdy Neighbor pattern set found here.

I didn't give up when the first one fit the 15 Inch Rag Doll I just had to find different yarn that would work better.

For this project I targeted some Michael's Craft Smart yarn that I bought shortly after A.C. Moore closed and it hasn't been my favorite of the craft stores house brands. So I am determined I am going to finish off what I bought and then not have to look at it in my stash any longer. I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, White for the trim.

If you need a quick dress project this one works up fairly quickly.


I followed the directions for hook size and dress construction except I did finish the back with green yarn prior to adding the trim. As I mentioned in the Rag Doll post I found this made the back neater and made it easier adding the buttons and button holes.

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