Monday, October 12, 2015

Pokeball Scarf

I have a nephew who is a huge Pokemon fan. When I saw a free pattern for a Pokeball scarf here I decided it would make a great addition to his Christmas gifts.

I started making the pattern in double crochet as the pattern suggested. However, I found I didn't like the way it looked and restarted with half double crochets. In order to correct for length I doubled the row count for each color and it worked out fine based on my gauge. Someone else may want to measure their half doubles against their double crochets. I found it did indeed take about two half doubles to make the distance of one double crochet. The scarf is a little stiffer, but warmer than the original I started. I suspect with a few washes it will soften as well. I was concerned that the double crochet holes might leave more chances for it to catch and get torn. He can be tough on his stuff.

Since this one worked out well, I plan on making another one to donate. I know there are plenty of Pokemon fans that might need a little warmth this winter.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lego Block Inspired Scarf

I was searching on Ravelry to find some interesting kid scarves and came across one for a free pattern for a Lego Blocks scarf found here.

There was some discussion about how long to make a child's scarf over at Crochetville and the opinion was 3 feet. I finished this one off at slightly over that to finish the last block, but after talking to the child's mother realized she'd prefer it to be 4 feet. Instead of restarting, I decided I'd donate and start again. I'd already planned on making at least one more to donate to a local charity so now I have one finished. I just need to get one done for my Christmas presents.

I started following the pattern in single crochet and didn't like the way it looked. I experimented with a few options finally settling on working it in half double crochet and was more satisfied with the look of the bobbles and the additional size and warmth it gave the scarf.

This is a fun quick pattern and it is great to use up your Lego colored scraps of yarn. It is a thin scarf and I think most suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. I haven't quite figured out the best way to widen it to make it a more suitable scarf for older kids. I'm sure I'll eventually find a wider pattern that will appeal to older children to make for presents and donations.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Little Teddy Witch

As I wrote yesterday, I started searching on Ravelry for new Ami patterns and came across the free Lil' Teddy Witch here. The teddy was adorable and I couldn't resist making the ami and sending him off to my friend.

The pattern worked up quickly and it was a fun project to help me get into the fall/autumn spirit.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Mr. Pumpkin Pants

I haven't made as many ami's as I normally do this year and it was fun to get back into holiday themed ami's a few weeks ago. A online crochet friend is always sending me and others wonderfully thoughtful gifts so I wanted to send something fun in return. I started searching Ravelry for patterns I hadn't tried yet.

I came across the free pattern for Mr. Pumpkin pants here.

I altered his feet and a few other items as I was constructing my pumpkin bear. I also made a witch bear from another free pattern. I'll post that information tomorrow.

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