Monday, October 12, 2015

Pokeball Scarf

I have a nephew who is a huge Pokemon fan. When I saw a free pattern for a Pokeball scarf here I decided it would make a great addition to his Christmas gifts.

I started making the pattern in double crochet as the pattern suggested. However, I found I didn't like the way it looked and restarted with half double crochets. In order to correct for length I doubled the row count for each color and it worked out fine based on my gauge. Someone else may want to measure their half doubles against their double crochets. I found it did indeed take about two half doubles to make the distance of one double crochet. The scarf is a little stiffer, but warmer than the original I started. I suspect with a few washes it will soften as well. I was concerned that the double crochet holes might leave more chances for it to catch and get torn. He can be tough on his stuff.

Since this one worked out well, I plan on making another one to donate. I know there are plenty of Pokemon fans that might need a little warmth this winter.

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