Monday, August 15, 2016

American Girl Crochet Ghost

I love finding new Halloween patterns for the dolls. This one was a birthday present from DH and you can purchase it here.

The only thing I'd change next time is I'd sew the eyes on a bit lower. Other than that I was quite pleased with the outfit. It was quick and easy to make and it makes a fun holiday outfit.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

American Girl Moss Stitch Shirt and Woven Stitch Skirt

I love textured stitches and when I can incorporate them in the doll's outfits it is always fun. This pattern was a birthday present from my DH and can be purchased here. After making so many princess outfits the dolls need some regular outfits as well. There will be a wide selection in this year's donation.

I plan on using the top pattern again to match a skirt I'd made previously and didn't have a top to match.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

American Girl Belle

It's amazing how much better a project works out when you have the supplies. Before starting the next time I made sure I checked my stash and pulled out two skeins of matching blue for the project.

I am not as crazy about the square neckline of this project as I've been about some of the other projects. However, the rest of the project was wonderful. I loved the skirt and the shoes in particular. Shoes have never been a strength of mine, but her pattern seems to work for me and I've used it with other outfits that lack shoes when I've been motivated to add them.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

American Girl Belle First Attempt

One of my goals every year is to downsize my yarn room by using up the yarn I have on hand to make as many of the donation doll clothes as I can. Some require unique or specific yarn I have to buy, but I'm always surprised at how many outfits I can make just using my stash on hand. The key is to make sure you do have the stash on hand before starting the project.

That was the story behind this dress. I thought I had multiple skeins of this blue when I started and while not the suggested color for the Belle pattern, found here, I liked it. The pattern was easy to follow and I thought I was starting to get my groove back when I went to search for the second ball of yarn. Much to my surprise what I thought was a matching skein turned out to be a slightly different shade of blue.

At that point I decided it still made a cute outfit and decided instead of abandoning it to finish it off and restart the Belle outfit again, this time making sure I had the two skeins I needed.

Monday, August 8, 2016

American Girl: The Frog Princess

Yes, I finally have some outfits to post again. I had some trouble crocheting for a bit and then once I started it took me a bit to get back into the groove.

First up we have another one of the Princess outfits my DH put in my Christmas bundle. You can purchase the pattern here.

This was my first attempt back and not my best. The skirt worked out fine, but I struggled with the top and the head piece. The directions and my hook just didn't seem to work together to create what the designer intended. I've found the directions were a bit clearer in her other princess patterns. I think next time I'd rework the head piece and the top a bit more.

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