Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Plastic Canvas Tissue Boxes

I had people asking about free patterns for tissue boxes so I began a search to find locate what resources were available on the Internet. This is what I have located so far in my search.

Update: February 28, 2014

A visitor kindly let me know some of the links had gone dead so I went and checked. Thankfully the Free Pattern main link was still live. They do occasionally move some of their patterns, but all where still on the site. Any time you visit their site; always try a search if you don't find a pattern you went to find. They do move stuff and you may find it there under a different link. The same was true of tsplace. Still around, just a link change. From what I can find it looks like Mountain Harmony is trying to transition to a new website. It has an updated coming soon message from 2014, but it looks like the transition started in 2013. For the moment, I have the links saved from the Wayback machine. If the new website comes up, I'll try to get the new links posted.

Cartoon Children's Characters

Cat in the Hat

Free Patterns

Crayon Tissue Box

Flower Pattern

Harry Potter

Sesame Street


Sweet Spring

Thomas the Train


Original Links:

Cartoon Children's Characters

Cat in the Hat

Harry Potter

Sesame Street


Sweet Spring

Thomas the Train


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Monday, February 8, 2010

Graduation Crafts Knitting Crochet Plastic Canvas

I know I have graduations to consider this spring. I am sure I am not alone in needing some creative craft ideas for presents and decorations. I hope these ideas help.


American Girl:

Graduation Gown and Cap

Barbie Fashion Doll Graduation Crochet:

Barbie Fashion Doll Graduation Cap and Gown

Ken Graduation Gown

Graduation Crochet:

Allfreecrafts graduation bear

Graduation Bear Small Ami

Graduation Bookworm

Graduation Gown and Hat for 15" Doll

Graduation Hat Fridgie

Graduation Owl Lion Brand

Lion Brand Crochet Bear

This is my finished version of the Lion Brand Bear pattern. I created the gown as it is not included in their free pattern link above. Read more about the project on the graduation bear blog entry.


American Girl Doll no hat

Plastic Canvas :

Graduation Snoopy

Graduation Bear and Owl Scroll Down Free Patterns

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Graduation Bear picture is not free for use. Written permission must be granted.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Patriotic Knit and Crochet

I have been searching for Patriotic Knitting and Crochet patterns. I will continue to add to this blog as I find more. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions for alternate places to look.


American Girl 18" Doll Crochet:

Adoring Doll Patriotic Outfit

Patriot's Daughter

Barbie Fashion Doll Patriotic Crochet:

Barbie American Love

Barbie Fashion Doll Betsy Ross

Barbie Fashion Doll Colonial Dress

Barbie Fashion Doll Dress Scroll Down

Independence Day Fashion Doll

July 4th Picnic

Kelly American Spirit

Ken George Washington

Patriotic Crochet:

Kitchen and Home Patterns:

Beach Towel

Free Crochet

Kitchen Set Marlo's Crochet

Stars and Stripes Toilet Paper Cover


50 Star Afghan

American Beauty Afghan

American Fireworks

American Flag Throw

American Heirloom Afghan

Americana Afghan

Baby Round Ripple


Patriotic Granny Square Afghan

Patriotic Granny Caron


Simply Patriotic Afghan

Star Flag Afghan

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes Crochet World

Stars and Stripes Ripple


Fireworks Coaster



Liberty Square

Little Star Dishcloth

Star Spangled

Stripey Star Dishcloth

Pot Holders:

Americana Pot Holder

Made in America Square

Pot Holder

Pot Holder 2

Star Hot Pad

Other House/Kitchen Items:



Beach Bag


Larksfoot Afghan

Rolling Placemats

Toilet Tissue Cover


Betsy Ross 15" Fibre Craft Doll Pattern


Filet Crochet 1795 Flag Pattern

Hello Kitty

Lily Patriotic Doll

Patriotic Boo Bear

Veteran's Poppy




American Girl Doll Patterns:


Kitchen and Home Patterns:

American Flag Afghan

Felted Hot Pads

Free Patterns.com

Liberty Bell Dish Cloth

Napkin Rings


Knitting Pattern Central



Old Glory Blanket


Machine Knitting:

American Flag Afghan

Pictures may not be used without written permission.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Biblio.com as a Craft Book Resource

I have been searching for some out of print patterns for dolls. Last week I used a site I have listed on my education blog for books. Before anyone gets concerned, I am not a spokesperson for the site and there are no paid ads for the company. I have no control over choosing the specific Adsense ads or you can be sure the options would change.

I had been frustrated because many of the doll books for Barbie and other dolls are currently out of print. Biblio.com is a bookseller that links booksellers together. You can go to the site, search, and find sellers that offer what you are looking for at various prices and shipping costs. I have used them for education products and out of print paperbacks that I have wanted to purchase. I am not a huge auction fan, as I like to be able to buy what I want without needing to challenge someone to a bidding war over it. I like a predictable price that allows me to decide if I want to purchase it and lets me have it without waiting a week or paying a premium for the option of buying it now. That is why Biblio appeals as an alternative. I can shop directly at stores that have the books I want with the prices and costs stated upfront.

Obviously, the basic rules of purchasing apply. Know what the product is worth. While the price and shipping costs for the two Barbie books were reasonable based on research I had done, other prices were not. For instance, I decided to look for a book that is currently in print to see if I could find a second hand copy for cheaper than I could purchase the book new. The used prices from those vendors were higher than I could have purchased the book at Amazon new. Buyer beware is always the motto when buying anything. However, if looking for some out of print craft books this may be one more resource.


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