Thursday, February 4, 2010

Plastic Canvas Toy Patterns

Plastic Canvas toys make wonderful gifts for children. I came across patterns while searching for other items and decided to find more. I will continue to research and please feel free to leave comments with more.


Baby Block Jingle Toys

Free Patterns

Kissin' Frog

Kissin' Lion

Krafty Kris' Frog Kisses

Nana's Baby Blocks Detailed Pictures

Race Car

Slavic Nesting Dolls Scroll Down

Tetris Magnets Tutorial


Transportation Magnets

USA Magnets

Charts with Popular Children's Themes:

Bob the Builder

Blue's Clue's

Clifford Couple of Patterns Scroll Down

Curious George Scroll Down

Dora Several Patterns

Elmo Scroll Down

Harry Potter

My Little Pony

Scooby Doo

Picture Credit: Squirrel Cottage's

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