Wednesday, February 3, 2010 as a Craft Book Resource

I have been searching for some out of print patterns for dolls. Last week I used a site I have listed on my education blog for books. Before anyone gets concerned, I am not a spokesperson for the site and there are no paid ads for the company. I have no control over choosing the specific Adsense ads or you can be sure the options would change.

I had been frustrated because many of the doll books for Barbie and other dolls are currently out of print. is a bookseller that links booksellers together. You can go to the site, search, and find sellers that offer what you are looking for at various prices and shipping costs. I have used them for education products and out of print paperbacks that I have wanted to purchase. I am not a huge auction fan, as I like to be able to buy what I want without needing to challenge someone to a bidding war over it. I like a predictable price that allows me to decide if I want to purchase it and lets me have it without waiting a week or paying a premium for the option of buying it now. That is why Biblio appeals as an alternative. I can shop directly at stores that have the books I want with the prices and costs stated upfront.

Obviously, the basic rules of purchasing apply. Know what the product is worth. While the price and shipping costs for the two Barbie books were reasonable based on research I had done, other prices were not. For instance, I decided to look for a book that is currently in print to see if I could find a second hand copy for cheaper than I could purchase the book new. The used prices from those vendors were higher than I could have purchased the book at Amazon new. Buyer beware is always the motto when buying anything. However, if looking for some out of print craft books this may be one more resource.

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