Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Our Generation Ribbed Effect Skirt and Tank Top

I've been searching through my pattern collection to find separates to match up for the annual doll donation and as happens every year I am surprised by something I've forgotten in those pattern binders. This year I came across a Doll Picnic pattern I'd purchased from Maggie's crochet several years ago that you can buy here.

At some point I'm going to revisit this pattern and make the whole picnic set. I think it would be a fun item to donate. However, my mission this round was tops and bottoms. In this case I wanted the tank top.

This top was a little different from others I've made in that it used seed stitch to give the top some texture. I like the look of the top and as I said I'd like to revisit the whole pattern again at some point and make the set.

I thought I'd need a larger hook to fit the Our Generation doll and started this pattern out with an I hook but it was too large. When I make this for the My Life doll it will likely require a G hook. Marking the front was important for me because the first time through I made the reduction for the arms on the wrong side which made joining them unlikely. These are all notes to help me in the future.

The skirt is the same free pattern I used for the My Life doll found here. As this skirt uses an elastic waist band cut to the size of the doll no additional adjustments to the skirt pattern were required. The stitches adjusted around the elastic and the designer leaves you to determine the length of the skirt.

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