Monday, May 18, 2020

Lil Cutesies Teddy Bear Picnic

It was actually this pattern which can be purchased at Mary Maxim here that made me decide to donate a JC Toys Lil Cutesies Doll Baby Doll as part of this donation. I just loved the pattern, the theme and the look of the doll. It is a slightly larger and different shaped doll than the 8 inch Lots to Love doll so I decided to buy the doll the pattern was made for and see if I could get the set made for the donation.

Interestingly enough it took me a while to get the doll. I had no idea these things would sell out so quickly. I did manage to get two, one as a model to fit the clothes and one to donate. The one I bought is still sold out though the other two models seem to be available for purchase. I have some 9 inch doll patterns I'm thinking of trying on this doll or perhaps playing with some of the 8 inch patterns I have for the Lots of Love dolls to make sure she leaves with a wardrobe at least as nice as the other dolls.

Just a note about the pattern. For a long time Mary Maxim used to sell kits like this one and then you had to find the patterns in secondary markets if you didn't buy the kits. A few years back they decided they should get into the market and started selling some of their kit patterns after the kits sold out as digital patterns. If you decide to buy look for their sales. The patterns frequently go on sale for $1.99 or less.

As for my pattern notes the blanket, the bears, and the trim for the doll's outfit are all from the AC Moore Nicole sport which sadly is no longer available. I'm slowly working my way through my supply. I love the color of this yarn and decided to make the bears with it rather than changing colors as the pattern called for and I liked the outcome. I also used 6mm safety eyes for the eyes and the noses. The first bear I made using an e hook and it was huge so other than the head I redesigned the pattern to make him a reasonable height vs the doll. Clearly the yarn used in the pattern must be a lighter weight. For the second bear I used the same yarn but a c hook and for the most part followed the directions. I made the feet slightly smaller. I loved this basket pattern and could see using it for other projects. The design is adorable.


Jayne said...

Oh, this is so cute! And how lovely that you are donating it to such a worthy cause.
Stay safe!

Donna @ Modern on Monticello said...

The tiny little crocheted animals with the babydoll are so adorable! Thanks for visiting this week at #HomeMattersParty

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