Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Humpty Dumpty

Twas the weekend before Thanksgiving and all through the house the hooks were a flying the Shelties were grabbing at stuffing pusing it into their mouths.

Humpty was finished the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

I love making gifts for kids that tie to children's books. Mother Goose was a favorite of mine as a child. We knew so many of the poems. Humpty continues to be a favorite of mine and I've loved the new kids stories with Humpty as a detective. I think adding toys is a great way for kids to make a connection between favorite books and fun.

Years ago for another family member I made another Humpty found here. I do think he was cute and probably one of the best faces I've ever done. My issue is that he wasn't a traditional amigurumi he was a flat more pillow like structure. You made both sides as a panel and sewed them together. It was also quite a bit larger than most of the toys I make.

I went looking through my patterns for something different for this project and I found it in an old Annie's Crochet Newsletter July-August 1992. You can purchase the pattern at e-pattern central here. If it isn't on sale when you go there and you have time to wait I suggest doing so as they periodically have amazing sales.

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Kim Carberry said...

What a cutie he is! I had one very similar when I was a child x #MMBC

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