Friday, November 19, 2021

Little Cutesies Christmas Footed Pajamas

I mentioned in yesterday's Christmas Dress post that Darski's Lil Cutesis First Christmas pattern is not available on Crochetville but on her io group. You can sign up and check the files for 8.5 inch dolls to find the pattern. You can find her io group here.

I originally thought I'd make all three patterns from the set but I have never mastered the art of socks I'll be sticking with these two patterns and making two sets for my Christmas presents this year. I have limited time to put together a wardrobe so I think learning socks is perhaps something better learned when I have more time.

This is a really cute set and while I've chosen them as pajamas because of the footed pants, since they are baby clothes they'd be appropriate for any time of day. You could easily make these in other colors as well as they work up quickly. I just like the Christmas pajamas tradition and thus we have Christmas PJ's for the Lil Cutesies.

I used an I hook for this outfit. The h was just a little tight for the doll.

As with the dress I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Paddy Green, Hot Red,and White for this project.

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