Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crochet and Knit Doll Free Patterns

Dolls are getting squeezed off the toy pages. There was no room on the doll clothing pages to add them there. Therefore, it is was time for knit and crochet dolls to get their own page. If you are looking for free doll clothes patterns you will find those listed on the right side bar by doll or doll type. Please feel free to browse. There are additional toy amigurumi patterns in the Toy Blog Pattern Page.


All in One Doll Small

Artistic Annie

Baby Love

Bethany Ballerina


Denim Doll


Fashionista Farrah

Fuji Dolls

Free Spirit Amigurumi Doll

Fun in the Sun

Hula Hula Lula

Kokeshi Dolls


Little Dolls

Little Emo

Little Fairy


Lovely Lucy


Mary Mermaid

Ogilvy Dolls

Pink Little Lady

Pioneer Becky

Playtime Baby Doll


Sam the Skateboarder

Scuba Diver


Sleepy Sarah

Victorian Doll

TV or Book Characters:


Dr. Who Number 9

Dr. Who Number 10


Harry Potter

Max Where the Wild Things Are

Princess and Frog Coats and Clark

Red Riding Hood and Grandma Topsy Turvy Dolls





Berry Baby

Blank Slate Doll

Bliss's Doll


Knitting Pattern Central

Rag Doll



TV or Book Characters:

Fairy Tale Topsy Turvy Dolls Several Patterns

Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, and Wolf


Loom Knitting:

Best Friend Doll

Kiss Doll for the Kiss Loom

Lulu the Loomed Dolly

Check out the holiday blogs for additional patterns.


Picture Credit: Pinien flickr.com


marjol said...

These dolls are so cute, which pattern is for the Pic on the top of the page, with the curls & green dress, I wood love to make her, thank you Mary

Sheltie Times said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheltie Times said...

Sorry spelling errors. The picture is a Flickr picture with the credit below. I do not have permission to use the pictures from the patterns and I use Flickr when I do not have my own project pictures to use.

I hope you find her.

Anonymous said...

Google Free Spirit doll. That is the style. I can't find the hair. If you find it can you post it please Marjol

CM said...

That hair is made by making a basic little cup shape, sized to fit your doll's head and then attaching crocheted spirals. Spirals are made by making a chain and then crocheting 2 to 4 single crochets in each chain. It looks as if they are various lenths.

Thuri said...

oh that's cruel, using a picture for this post with a doll that is no patten from :( I've been going through them all to find her LOL

using small icons with pictures of the dollpatterns would help so much.

Sheltie Times said...

It would be helpful, but also illegal. While some people break the rules and steal copywrite published photographs, I choose not to go with the current mode of ignoring copywrite laws regarding published pictures.

I don't publish pictures of the patterns because I don't have permission to do so. I do publish the links to free patterns as a service to myself and others so we can enjoy the gifts others have provided in sharing their talents and not charging us for the use. I will not insult them by stealing from them.

diy_diva said...

lovely dolls.

Chedder Fish said...

THANK YOU! I was having kind of a hard time finding image of the style doll I wanted but your resources are amazing! Thank you!!!

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