Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wolf Amigurumi

After choosing her graduation project, I decided to ask my niece what she wanted me to crochet for her birthday. The date was close to her graduation party so it seemed like a good time to deliver the birthday gift. I was figuring she would choose one of the scary creatures she had been looking at during a recent visit. Instead, out of the blue she asks me for a wolf. I knew I had not seen one in my books. I head to the toy page, pretty sure I have never seen a wolf there either and sure enough, no wolf. I finally located one and there are now two on the toy page for those who are looking for free patterns. The one featured here is the Lion Brand pattern.

The Toy Blog Page has many free pattern links for anyone looking for new patterns to try.

Wolf was a hit although his still lacks a name. He was known as "Pocket Wolf" during the graduation party as he hung out in her pocket for the duration of the party. I suspect he will soon become a car wolf.

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