Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ghost Dishcloth

I bought a pattern book called Seasonal Cotton Dishcloths from Crochet Village and made the bunny for Easter. These are quick to make and are fun to use at home or give as gifts. I had a very long college graduation to attend and brought my crochet bag with the small pattern book and a supply of white cotton yarn into the ceremony. People gave me some strange looks until the ceremony dragged on and on and then many of them looked like they wished I had some supplies to share. I had the ghost almost completed by the time the final speaker was finished and I put my crochet away to watch the main event. Never underestimate the value of uninterrupted crochet time.

I am really looking forward to making the rest of the set and then trying for multiple colors in the set as the pattern shows. I can think of a few people who will be receiving these as gifts when I finish my home supply.

For those interested in free Halloween patterns please visit the Halloween Crochet and Knitting Free Pattern Page.

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