Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Patriotic Baby Blocks

As I mentioned in an early post about my Granny Square Ball I have wanted to make Granny Square Baby Blocks for a while. I just needed to work on getting my squares more square and my joining techniques. My blocks would benefit from "blocking" techniques prior to joining so the blocks would be flatter, but patience is not a virtue I possess when I want to see how things go together. The next batch I make I will force myself to take the time to block prior to joining. I think they will benefit from the effort. However, I am pleased that these are not balls, but squares this time and they even stack which is progress.

They will achieve the goal of providing soft fun toys.

I used an out of print pattern for the basic block, Chrocheted Favorites of Rita Weiss American School of Needlework, No. 19. However, I suspect any basic granny pattern would do the trick. This book provided three sizes, changing the size of the granny, changes the size of the resulting blocks. The turning point for moving from balls to squares was the directions I read in several different postings about the importance of sewing inner loops ONLY together. I had missed this in my previous attempts. The difference is dramatic.

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