Thursday, March 29, 2018

Crochet Easter Basket

I looked at a number of free patterns and even made one that I hope to post later that turned out to be a very small basket before finding this free pattern here. I chose this pattern for several reasons, but the most important I will say was the size. I wanted something that would hold the half dozen crochet Easter Eggs I made for my Easter box. While there were several cute options, many of them were small and I wanted the eggs to be able to hang out for the holidays in a container so they wouldn't get in the way.

While the pattern called for DK weight, I used acrylic worsted weight for this project and I liked the heavier weight for the basket, I thought it made it sturdier and able to handle the work of an Easter basket. The challenge I had was the handle. I think the double yarn for the worsted weight was too bulky. If I make this again, I might find a lighter sport or DK weight in a complimentary color to make the handle. That being said it is a tough little handle and since I sewed it on pretty tight it should last a while.

Another thing that drew me to this pattern was the basket weave stitch. While crocheting with 2 strands doing the front post and back post stitches was hard on my already worn hands, I loved the texture and look of the basket when it was completed. It had a nice classic look to it.

As always I'd like to thank those who donate their patterns as these patterns do make my gifting dollars go farther.

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