Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amigurumi Goose

The goose pattern was surprisingly harder than expected. It could be I was over confident after my experiences with the pig and the duck. The goose looked to be very close to the chicken/rooster, but there were subtle challenges that proved to be learning experiences along the way.

While the rooster and the pig have basic weight and balance structures, the goose is created a bit differently. The body, neck, and feet have to be crocheted, stuffed, and molded correctly for the goose to maintain balance after creation. With these challenges in mind, the directions for the goose were unfortunately not as clear as the previous two creatures had been. I did end up working through the feet and balance issues to get the goose to work correctly. I am looking forward to trying him again with this experience to build on.

This is an out of print pattern. For those who are looking it is Annie's Pattern Club Pattern, 87B54 Down on the Farm.

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