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American Girl and 18 Inch Crochet and Sewing Doll Pattern Links

American Girl Dolls and their 18" counterparts are popular with children and adults. Many enjoy making the clothing to share with avid collectors. Finding free and inexpensive resources for the patterns can help increase the selection without breaking the budget.

Many of these blog pages started small and quickly expanded as I found more patterns. The American Girl/18" Doll Page has experienced the same growth and requires additional space. Check out the new American Girl 18" Doll Knitting Page to find free knitting patterns.


Pattern Sites with American Girl and 18" Doll Pattern Links:


ABC Knitting Crochet Patterns

Bella Online

Crochet Pattern Central

Knitty Chick

Dresses and Outfits:

A Bunny's Tail

American Girl Boa Outfit

Arabella Dress and Bonnet

August Fishnet Dress

Autumn Dress

Ballet Dress

Bathing Suit

Bib Dress


Chef from Redheart

Cocktail Dress with Beads Thread

Chill Out

Complete Outfit Set

Cowgirl from Redheart

Crochet Summer Dress

Crochetnmore Ruffled Skirt

Day at the Opera


Dress for 18" Doll

Dress with Peter Pan Collar Remember the Day

Empire Waist Dress

Evening Dress With Shawl

Fresh as a Daisy Complete Outfit Dress, Hat, Chocker, Purse

Frilly Sweater Dress

Flared Buttercup Skirt Thread Hat Thread Top Thread

Frilly Edged Doll Dress

Goodnight Gracie Nightgown

Granny Square Winter Outfit

Halter Top

Hockey Outfit

Homage to La Vie en Rose

In the Navy (Looks like it was designed for Nancy 18")

Joyful Joyful

Jumper for 18" Doll

Lace Skirt

Lace Summer Dress

Lacey Celebration Dress

Leotard Scroll Down for Crochet Directions

Love of Lilacs

Mermaid Outfit from Redheart

Miss Bentley

Mock Turtleneck


Nightgown Red Heart

Nightie, Robe, and Slippers

Nurse Redcross Historical from Red Heart

Olivia Skirt, Top, and Hat

Party Dress

Party Time Dress


Pink and White Wardrobe variety of patterns

Pride and Prejudice Dress

Princess Dress

Rose Dress

Ruffle Party Dress Thread

Ruffly Bits


Sailor Dress

Simplicity Dress

Skating Dress

Skating Dress with Fun Fur

Skating Outfit Sonja

Snow Days

Snuggle Up

Spring Dress Bella Bambina

Spring Blizzard

Summertime Frills Redheart

Spring Has Sprung

Summer Dress Thread

Summer Raglan Thread

Sun Dress

Summertime Thrills Redheart

Uptown Girl


Wedding Dress Bella Bambina

Whale of a Good Time

Who's There

Winter Accessories

Yoke Skirt only available with Wayback Machine

Sweaters, Stoles, Shrugs, Ponchos, and Pants:

Capris and Top

Capris,Top,and Shoes

Crochetnmore Doll Hoodie

Granny Shawl

Inspiration to Wear Cowel Sweater, Pants, Skirt, Western Sweater

Jeans and Sweater

Just Like Me Shrug

Mock Turtleneck updated link

Pants and Top

Pants Bella Bambina

Poncho Lacy Shells

Poncho Toasty Ties



Spring Sweater

Summer Cardigan

Summer Top

Sweater Bella Bambina

Sweater Cardigan and Hat

Sweater Sausalito Shell Stitch and Hat

Sweater Tunsisian

Hats, Shoes, Coats, and Scarves:


Carcoat, Tam, Boots, Culottes, Top

Coat, Hat, Fingerless Gloves, and Dog Walking the Dog Redheart

Cat in the Hat Hat

Christmas Hat

Crochetnmore Hat

Crochetnmore Scarf

Earflap Hat 3 ways includes Panda

Fun Fur Hat and Scarf

Hat Winter Style

Liquid Sunshine Hat, Jacket, Top, Pants

Retro Doll Accessories Hat, Vest, Purse




Slouchy Hat

Tam Hat

Winter Hat


Doll Blanket for Beginners

Donna's Crochet Guitar

Duffle Bag

Sleeping Bag


Plastic Tub Wardrobe Directions Infinite Freedom

Wood Furniture:

Adirondack Chair

Bunk Beds

Canopy Doll Bed

Closet with Washer/Dryer Scroll Down

Farmhouse Bed

Lydia Doll Bed

Picnic Table

Trundle Bed

Sewing Patterns:


American Doll Outfitters

Bathing Suit

Bedding Tips

Bella Online

Bella Online Dress Making Tips

Bella Online Flower Girl

Bella Online Spring Dress Pattern

Cape made from Santa Hat

Cow Girl Outfit


Duffel Bag

Pleasant Company Dress Patterns and Accessories

Infinite Freedom

Infinite Freedom Stip Quilt Project

Infinite Freedom Kaela Dress

Messenger Bag made from Recyled Hand Bag

Pants and Socks

Polo Shirt

Susan Kramer Dress Pattern


Tank Top

Check the Holiday Posts for More Free Patterns:







See my American Girl/18" Doll Projects here.

Picture Credits:
Crochet picture may not be used without written permission.
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Bonnie said...

This is a very nice and informative site!
I'm sure it'll be very helpful!
Thanks for the hard work.

Sheltie Times said...

Thank you for your comment. I know my family loves having access to the patterns, I thought others would, too.

Anonymous said...

Looking for PLASTIC CANVAS patterns for 18" doll accessories (purses, hats, furniture, etc.) Only found 1998 Carole Rodgers pamphlet. Everything else is Barbie size. Help!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful site. Thanks for sharing!
I am hoping that you can help me to locate a pattern for the cloak you have pictured above. I think it is called Felicity's cardinal cloak. I would appreciate any help/suggestions that you might be able to give me.

Sheltie Times said...

I posted your comment in case anyone else can help. I am using more of my own photographs as I make more items. However, when I started I used more flikr photographs as you can see from the picture credits.

Hopefully one of the other readers can help. You may also want to try some of the Yahoo AG groups. They have been a great resource when I have wanted to find something.

Sheltie Times said...

I was on the AG actual site which I rarely visit. I believe these photographs are of the original Felicity outfits. There were patterns for the AG sewing outfits from the Pleasant Company that I have listed under Sewing. These do not include the pictures listed above which look to be the original outfits. Again others may be able to give specific patterns that are available to make these outfits.

Loredana said...

I just love your blog!!! Thank you so much for the links:)

Nadine said...


I looked carefully through all the links on this page, and I can't find the pattern for the beautiful sparkly navy dress with the white trim. Do you know where I can find it?

Thanks for your help,

Sheltie Times said...

I don't know anything about a blue/navy sparkly dress posted on this page. The green one is posted on the Christmas Page under American Girl Doll Patterns.

Sheltie Times said...

Looking at the old comment I just thought I'd mention Annie's Attic is offering Plastic Canvas shoes, purses, and hats for the 18" dolls. The patterns are not free and some are only available as downloads. I bought some for Plastic Canvas crafters in the family this year as presents. It was the first time I had seen plastic canvas for the 18" dolls.

Nadine said...

Thank you for helping me find the pattern. I never went to the Christmas page. Sorry for saying the dress was navy. It looks that way on my screen. Thanks again for your help,

Norma Jean said...

I thought you might also appreciate:
It's a pattern for a wooden wardrobe for American girl dolls. It's big enough to hold accessories as well and can be used as a nightstand. The site also has quite a few other patterns for 18" dolls, including bunkbeds and other beds, a picnic table and an Adirondack style chair- just type doll in the search bar. Also, lots of people post pictures of projects they made with their own little tweaks to make them even more interesting.
I would also like to note that this is a site by a mom for other moms so the patterns are made to be easier for someone to do in their spare time without having to know woodworking or have a degree in carpentry but still look like something you could buy at a store.

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