Monday, April 20, 2020

Our Generation Doll Poncho and Pants

I mentioned in a previous post that I've been experimenting with the Our Generation Doll as it is slightly more padded in places that the Walmart's My Life Dolls and the Springfield Doll's I'd previously used for donations for years. The first project I started for the Our Generation Doll inspired me to order a My Life Doll so I'd have some place to put the clothes that didn't fit the Our Generation Doll. I'll be donating one of each this year.

I've been making items from Maggie Crochet's Crochet Pattern Abby, Allie & Annie PA972-Rsince I started this donation project. The pants are my favorite pants pattern. I've even made them into shorts and on at least on occasion a skirt when I needed it. It just has a nice simple fit.

I needed to alter the pattern to fit the Our Generation Doll and I'm including my notes for the next time I attempt this project for the OG doll. Your gauge and experience may be different but I share my experience.

Rows 1-3 I used an I hook I may experiment with an H hook at some point to see how the fit works. The fit was too tight with a G hook a little loose with an I but not slipping
Row 4 I used an H hook as having passed the more padded section of the doll I wanted to work my way back to the g hook in a tapered manner
Row 5 onward I was able to complete the pants with a g hook

I used a g hook for the poncho. I might have been able to use an f hook but with the pony tails having the neck a little looser made getting the poncho on and off easier.

I was able to complete the hat with a f hook.

This is another one of those orphan skeins of yarn I've been targeting in my yarn supply. I was given this at one point and wasn't sure what to do with it and it got buried. When I was thinking about what yarn to use for the poncho and hat this seemed to call out to be used.

I'm still working on the Lil' Cutesies donation project. The doll outfit is completed I'm working on the accessories for the play set at this point. I've been doing a little on the play set and then working on another doll outfit for the other dolls. It should be quite cute when finished.

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Jayne said...

Another lovely make. I have a lot of leftover yarns that need using up.
Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. :)

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