Friday, August 7, 2020

Amigurumi Tree Christmas Ornament

There is nothing quite like getting to the point of almost being ready to mail my annual Christmas box of toys only to realize I forgot to make the Christmas ornaments. Normally I like making Christmas ornaments. They are generally quick small fun projects. However, little is fun when you are rushing to finish it because you forgot to make it. You scramble to find a pattern, hope you have the yarn, and in all it is less than a pleasant experience. This year I am trying to squeeze in some of the holiday projects Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in between the birthday and charity projects I need to finish to reduce those last minute scrambles.

With that in mind I had borrowed Kawaii Crochetfrom the library to preview it before buying. I quickly determined I wanted the book and purchased it. The first project you might guess was the tree ornament.

I've written before about digging out some old yarn from my stash. I wanted sport weight yarn to keep the tree to ornament size and experimented with different shades of green not really happy with any of them. Then I went and looked at a stash of old red heart sport yarn I've had since the days I made Barbie clothes. This year I rediscovered the supply and I've been targeting it for a variety of projects. I liked this green for the tree. It is darker than the pattern, but I liked it better than my other options.


I used a D hook

The hanger is crocheted behind the star

I added more branch rows to make the tree fuller

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RecycleCindy said...

Super cute Christmas tree ornament! It's fun to make Christmas things early and get ready for all the upcoming holidays.

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