Monday, February 24, 2020

St. Patrick's Day Finger Puppets

One of the hardest holiday boxes to put together each year is the St. Patrick's Day package because I have trouble finding a variety of new patterns to try each year. I suspect I'm getting close on the Valentine's front but I still have a couple of patterns I haven't used yet.

Over the years I've found myself turning non-holiday patterns into holiday patterns adding Leprechaun hats, Santa hats, Easter baskets, etc. to expand my ability to deliver holiday themed items. I also have found some holiday themed projects transfer to other holidays rather easily.

Puppets have always been a favorite if not challenging project for me to add to these packages. I think it's a great way for kids to tell stories and even interact with the books I always put in these packages. There are two challenges. One is finding patterns that fit the theme. The second applies more to the finger puppets. They are small tight projects. These can be challenging for my hands. However, I continue to make them because I do think they are fun for kids.

Now for those of you waiting for the pattern information there is no actual St. Patrick's Day finger puppet pattern. As I said it is a tough holiday for toy patterns. However there are two free Pilgrim patterns that adapt pretty well for this project. You can find the male pattern here and the female here.

For my notes I made these from peach yarn no longer available and Knit Picks cotton. The bodies were made with a g hook the accessories with an e. A reminder that you need to weave in ends before you finish off as it can be very hard to get into the inside to finish off once you get past the area you are working on if you fail to finish off the ends when you cut them.


Cloudberry said...

Very cute!

Southern Sunflowers said...

These are adorable! Very unique. Visiting from Your Whims Wednesday.

Sum of their Stories said...

Oh my goodness, these 2 couldn't be any cuter if they tried! Thank you so much for joining us at Handmade Monday

Donna @ Modern on Monticello said...

Kids will love them. So adorable. #HomeMattersParty

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