Thursday, February 20, 2020

Baby Doll Yellow Daisy Dress

I'm continuing on my mission to use up orphan skeins of yarn in my stash. This yellow is part of one of those huge balls of sport baby yarn. This is the second doll dress I've made from it and I swear you can barely notice a dent in it. I'm determined not to surrender though. I will eventually finish it off.

This is a fun easy free doll pattern found here. In order to make this fit the JC Toys, La Baby 16-inch Pink Dollusing sport yarn instead of worsted weight I used an I hook.

This pattern does not include shoes. It's taken me a while to find a pattern that fits and I keep going back to the shoes from the free pattern Peachy Keen found here.

The pattern uses velcro to join the back. It had been a while since I'd made this particular pattern and I never use Velcro because I find it hard to sew. I used a snap closure for dress but when I make the second one the dress is loose enough I believe I will just close the seem, add the staps and not worry about creating a closure. It should slide on easily and save me the hassle of buttons or snaps.

I'm writing this at the end of January and I feel like I'm making a good start to getting these dolls dressed for the donation due at the end of November beginning of December. The baby dolls tend to get neglected as I find the 18 inch doll clothes a bit more fun and creative to make. However, this year I'm sticking to my promise to focus on getting the baby dolls dressed before moving on to the 18 inch dolls.

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