Friday, February 21, 2020

Baby Doll Diaper Bag Items

Last year I got distracted in the middle of making the diaper bag items. This year I had them finished in early January and it was a nice feeling to have something off my to do list. I've been working on grabbing yarn from my stash to use on projects and this mint green yarn just called to me. In the past I've primarily used pink or purple but it was a pleasure to branch out to green. I might continue this direction next year and stray away from pinks and purples.

One of the advantages of posting what I have done is it does help me keep track of what I've completed or remind me what I've made in the past. While working on this last diaper bag set I realized by looking at a previous post I'd forgotten to make the bib and was quickly able to finish one and add it to the pile. It's a simple way to track which patterns I use and which ones I've discarded in favor of better options.

The wipes and diaper changing pad are part of a paid pattern set and can be purchased here. The changing pad was another one of those travel projects. It was a simple project to take with me as it required little counting, but using down time to finish a project I needed completed makes waiting less frustrating.

The bib pattern is a free pattern found here. It adjust easily to the size of your doll by changing the size of your starting chain.

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