Friday, February 7, 2020

Post Stitch Baby Doll Afghan

Every year I promise myself I'll do something about the ever growing and aging stash of yarn in my spare bedroom. I do get rid of some of it every year but at the end of the year I realize I haven't done as well as I need to to make any real dent in the problem. During the Christmas break I started targeting yarn that could be used up on specific projects. I had these huge round balls of baby sport yarn I'd bought years ago thinking I could use them for Barbie projects. When they didn't work out they got boxed and pulled out occasionally for small projects but it takes quite a bit to "finish off" one of these huge balls.

So I began putting them to use. I made one doll blanket and still had what I thought was sufficient yarn for a second. That turned out to be overalls optimistic. I started out making the Post Stitch pattern from Annabelle's Doll Afghans patterns which can be purchased here. The pattern does call for white trim, but I needed to also add white and start using up and orphan skein of vareigated baby yarn for trim in order to finish it all off. I rather like this blanket and it was a great way to clean out some yarn that needed to go. It is also one more blanket done for the donation finished before the New Year even had begun.

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