Friday, December 2, 2022

Aztec Wishes 2022 Donations Have Been Delivered!!!

We packed 17 boxes into DH's car and delivered them this morning. It is a new car but the boxes were of varied sizes this year so not certain if that was the reason we were able to bump up from 16 to 17 this year.

It is always such a wonderful gift to be able to interact with the high school students when we donate to their drive each year. This year was no different. It makes the year long effort so worth it to know these students will meet their goals of helping others and that young children in need this Christmas will also benefit from dressed dolls as part of the many things the group will provide for these families.

A big thank you to my Crochetville friends. This is never possible without all your generous and thoughtful hearts. The kids are always shocked to find this is not a local effort but that people from all over the country support their efforts. It means the world to them. I got peppered with questions from two sophmore girls as they escorted my husband and I through the building about how we get together to make this all work. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

The bags are all set up for next year's donation. Two My Life dolls have already arrived from a very generous donor. I've started hitting the sales myself to pick up additional extras that make the donations special and to put away any dolls I can find for future donations. I was able to set up the bags for 2023 from previous year's doll sales so my "hoarding" isn't as crazy as it seems. I always get down to the bottom of the pile eventually and have to refresh. I just hope it comes at a time when I can find the dolls on sale.

I'm finishing up some Christmas themed items but I will be starting the 2023 doll donation project after that as it is a year long project to get all the dolls dressed and ready for the big delivery day.

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Millie and Walter said...

What a great donation for some needy children in your area.

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