Monday, February 8, 2021

Lil Cutesies Yellow Romper

I was so excited to get Shady Lane's Crochet Gingham Toye Tykes pattern 411 for the JC Toys Lil Cutesies dolls in the mail. I don't purchase patterns much by mail these days but it has 14 pages and I knew I wanted to make all the patterns so getting the printed copy rather than printing it all seemed worth the wait. You can purchase the digital copy here. You can get the printed copy at the website here.

The leaflet has patterns for 3 doll dresses made from baby size 3 yarn and trimmed with size 10 crochet thread. It also includes the pattern for the title of the leaflet the Gingham Tote.

I stated with the yellow romper pattern because I had the yellow baby yarn so I didn't need to buy yarn to complete the pattern. The pattern calls for purple thread but I went with dark blue. The picture shows dark purple and the dark blue seemed a reasonable substitute. I like the contrast between the yellow and the blue.

Shoes are always a concern of mine. These fit really well. I would make the headband with a smaller hook next time. This headband was a little larger than needed.

I used a white flat button rather than a yellow because it was all I found locally. I wasn't going to search to far for a head band button for a doll. If I come across some other colors I may put them away for future projects but I am ok with how this one looks.

One subject this project did bring up is that I have holes in my steel thread crochet supply. Since my Bates Bamboo sterelite are not available any longer I've started researching new options for steel hooks with handles rather than the traditional steel hooks. I've never been able to hold the traditional hooks but the Bates Bamboo sterelite made thread work possible. As I try new hooks I'll keep you updated on how well the new hooks work.

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