Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rectangle Granny Square Project

I really enjoyed working with the bright primary colors on the Circus Baby Afghan. That project got me thinking about making some afghans for Christmas projects using primary colors for some of the younger children on my gift list. I went through my patterns looking for three candidates.

In the past, I have tried using the same pattern and different colors. I learned the last time I tried this that color variation does little to help keep my interest. Once I have completed a long project, I have little desire to repeat the project. My hope is that by finding three compatible projects to use the same color schemes I will finish all three.

I started the first project over the weekend and this where the projects stands. This pattern is from the out of print Annie's Attic Afghan club. When I complete the project, I will post the pattern number for anyone who may be looking to locate it.

I love granny squares, but have two issues with granny afghans. The first is making the squares all the same size. The second is having the patience to sew them all together. My Mom had a paper bag full of granny squares that my little sister and I played with for years. We would lay the granny squares out on the floor to design our own afghans. I do not know if Mom ever assembled the squares. It is too bad she did not donate them to a group that would have used them. I remember them as being beautiful squares, just needing someone who would put them all together. I suspect that even if I get the grannies to match, I may never have the patience to put them all together. I keep hearing about alternatives that allow you to assemble as you crochet. As of yet, I have not located a pattern that will let me do that.

This is a compromise and a practice pattern. I have never seen a rectangle granny. It has been fun learning how to work with one. There is also the size of the piece. Most of the items I crochet tend to be much smaller. It is challenging getting used to working with heavier pieces.

The other two patterns I am considering are variations on the ripple. It is a challenging goal to complete all three before Christmas. I will have to see how far I get before they need to ship.

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Anonymous said...

When I was little, my great grandmother made the most beautiful, warm, comfortable afghans. It's one of the things I remember most when I think back- and they were always just so comforting.

I can remember her crocheting. Just sitting there, going at it like it was breathing while she watched television or did something else that didn't require her hands. I know that's somewhat off topic, but seeing your picture it just reminded me. Such a great thing to be able to do.

C.Mahan said...

I really love the colors in this!

Angie said...

My mom used to have those bags of squares just waiting for someone to put them together.

Sharon said...

I have a bunch of those squares too. And you're right, those don't match up in size! I'm planning to put them together to make scarves.

WAH Adventures! said...

My grandma had a rug similar to this, only oval shaped. I remember how much fun I had spinning in circles, watching all the colors of the rug mix together.

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