Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why Make Dishcloths?

I have had people ask this question and I asked it myself when introduced to the idea. One of my younger relatives knitted me my first dishcloth. I had never seen a cotton dishcloth before. I had bought a variety of different cleaning cloths, used rags, but never made any.

As I taught myself knitting and crocheting, the square projects were great practice. There were a variety of free patterns to try and it was a great chance to practice.

However, I continue to make the cloths because they are both decorative and practical.

The cotton dishcloths I have made have outlasted any of the commercial products I have purchased. While the cotton is not cheap, I do wait and buy the yarn with coupons or as a sale item. This reduces the cost of making them.

They clean quite well. Different stitches create better cleaning options. For instance, I like the flat panel crochet and knit ones for dishes and general cleaning. However, the stitches that create a variety of bumps make great scrubbing cloths.

These cloths are reusable. Use, wash, and reuse. This makes them very conservation friendly.

Since the yarn come in different colors, people can make a variety of decorative patterns. Celebrate holidays and seasons with a variety of colors and different knitted and crocheted patterns.

I continue to build my supply of dishcloths. I have not had to replace any of the original ones I made, yet. I am hoping to have a good supply soon.

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Daisy said...

I think these are great! I bet if more people tried these, they'd be hooked too!

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