Friday, March 25, 2011

The Baby Blankets were a Hit

I mentioned in an earlier blog about this project about my preferences for baby projects. Just because I prefer colors that wash and shapes that do not require rectangle edges does not mean the recipients will also have the same views. While most people are polite on receiving baby gifts, it is great when you get positive feedback that people enjoy the items you make.

The bear blankie was also popular. Although, my husband was thrilled to discover the gift that entertained the toddler the longest was the gift bag. He found one covered with animals and the child created a game playing name the animal with his parents.

Therefore, while my projects were a hit, the award for best gift goes to my husband for the gift bag.

If you arrived her looking for free baby blanket patterns please check out:

Baby Blanket Page

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1 comment:

Sharon said...

that bear blaket is adorable! that would be great for a little one too who would want to grab the bear and play with it a bit

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