Monday, March 14, 2011

Barbie Irish Dress

Annie's Attic has created e-patterns for many of their patterns, but I wish they would revisit their old doll and toy patterns. I keep searching the vintage markets, but the competition is fierce and the prices can be intimidating.

This dress is my adaptation of the Irish Lass pattern from Annie's Attic's Fashion Doll Wardrobe International, 87D10. People are often frustrated that I cannot offer them all the patterns I write about here. My suggestion is to lobby Annie's Attic to offer these patterns as e-patterns. I respect copy writes and will not violate them. These books are still available on vintage and auction sites. Check with friends and relatives that make dolls clothes. I suspect I am not the only collector of these booklets. You may find people who are willing to loan you the pattern.

This dress was one of the most challenging Barbie outfits I have made. The pattern calls for Knit-Cro-Sheen. I used Knit Picks Finger Yarn and Bernat Baby Yarn. I ended up decreasing the stitches in the skirt. The top fit as written. The details were fun to try. The vest came out better than expected. The apron needs more work for me to be satisfied. I will try again. I will be revisiting this pattern. It made a nice addition to my St. Patrick's Day package.

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Laura Townshend said...

Barbies were my favorite dolls when I was a girl. Played with mine until I was in junior high. When my sister and I were really little, we had an old babysitter who made clothes and jewelry for her Barbies (she was a collector), and she gave us so many items for our dolls. I still have quite a bit of it...thanks for reminding me of how much fun I had with my Barbies when I was a girl! :-)

Daisy said...

Since I'm no expert, I don't see a thing wrong with it LOL I think it's absolutely adorable! Be sure to post it again when you re-work it.

C. Wilson said...

I loved Barbie's when I was a kid! I had a huge collection until our home was flooded and I lost them all with everything else.

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