Monday, March 21, 2011

Circus Star Baby Afghan

This pattern comes from B Is for Baby from Annie's Attic. I keep finding useful patterns in this book that I had not noticed before. Realizing I needed a baby blanket pattern, I started searching through my printed patterns and my books. I was looking for something that was not a rectangle shape. The ends can sometimes be challenging to keep straight. The star pattern seemed a great alternative.

The primary colors were also an attraction. They create a bright and cheerful blanket. These colors also have the advantage of making a blanket that is easier to keep clean. While the pastels are more traditional for babies, they tend to stain easily making them more challenging to keep clean.

This blanket will be headed off to a family friend soon. However, it has inspired me to think about looking at some crayon afghan patterns.

If you arrived her looking for free baby blanket patterns please check out:

Baby Blanket Page

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Daisy said...

That is really nice! I love the shape!

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