Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bear Security Blanket

The baby that I made the Circus Baby Afghan for has a big brother. I decided to make the Bear Security Blanket from B Is for Baby from Annie's Attic for him. I had made one of these before. Last time I followed the pattern colors. This time I decided to use some darker, more cleaning friendly colors. The white is beautiful, but hardly friendly to dirt. The green looks white in this picture, but it is a bit darker.

I like the idea of a transition blanket. The blanket combines a teddy bear with a shorter blanket that is easier to carry and less likely to drag on the floor. The child still has a blanket. The smaller blanket is not the burden that full size baby blankets are to travel with constantly.

If you arrived her looking for free baby blanket patterns please check out:

Baby Blanket Page

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