Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time for Another Birthday Candle

I made this candle for a birthday last summer for one of my adult relatives. The pattern is part of a larger cake pattern found in Amigurumi Two!: Crocheted Toys for Me and You and Baby Too. The response was favorable and my intent was to continue the tradition. As I got busy with projects I have not made more candles.

I have several birthdays approaching and this would be a great project. These candles are great crochet items for all age groups. For younger children these make great birthday decorations. They are cute and not easily broken. They are small enough to be stored and used for multiple occasions without becoming a burden.

It will be fun to explore colors and alterations to the pattern as I work on this project. I will post the candles as I complete them.


Anonymous said...

This is adorable! I crochet too, and I think these would make an awesome first-birthday present for a baby :)

Clarissa said...

I have never crocheted and don't know how but this is one of those things I wish I would have gotten into. This is really cute. :)

Daisy said...

how cute!

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