Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Little Baker Set

I used this pattern in 2018 for the toy donation but this year it seemed like a good project to add to the St. Patrick's Day box. I've been adding play food items and accessories to provide some distraction for kids not getting out as much with COVID restrictions. This is a free set but is now only available through the Wayback machine here.

If this is a project that might be on your "someday" list I suggest you download and perhaps even print a copy as once items slip to the Wayback machine there is no way of knowing how long you will still be able to find the project there. Hopefully the designer will repost this project somewhere else and I will be able to add that link so people can find it there.

I made a couple of changes this time around. I started with mitts with 30 chains to make them a little larger. I reduced to the original number of stitches in row 10 before moving on to preparing for the thumb in row 11.

These are made from worsted cotton but are not designed for heat. I crocheted two of the hot pads together not to make them heat ready, but because when I made the previous set I found they acted more like dishcloths than hot pads in that they folded. It wasn't a huge effort to make an extra layer and crochet them together to give them the effect. I plan on adding a note to the package to remind all that they are for play only and not to be used as protection from hot pans or ovens.


Jayne said...

What a cute little set. I am sure they will provide a little one with hours of creative play fun.
Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Michele Morin said...

So much fun for make believe!

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