Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Peachy Keen

I've made this pattern several times now but ironically this is the first time I've had peach on hand when I decided to make the outfit.

I've been talking online with other crocheters about the difference between using yarn you consistantly use and destashing. For me destashing is targeting yarn that will leave permanantly and not be replaced. For instance in this project I used some Craft Smart Value Yarn I bought from Michael's ages ago right after AC Moore closed. I know its been that long because I don't often shop at Michaels. I've been trying different "house" brand yarns and some like Joann's Big Twist I really like. While I've read Craft Smart has improved I would not be rushing back to buy more. The skein I have is full of knots and the texture is what many who hate acrylic yarn think of when they discuss why they won't use it. However, I am determined to finish off yarn in my stash and this was peach and would work for a doll's outfit. However, to distinguish between finishing off yarn that you buy and destashing I will finish off the skein of white and replace it if not with the brand I have on hand another of similiar type. When this skein of Craft Smart is done I will likely get more peach at some point but it won't be this brand.

I love this pattern. It does remind me of my childhood when we still had dress coats for church and play coats for being outside in the mud. Our "dress" coats might be home made or hand me downs but they were easily distinguishable as the coat you wore to Church on Sunday as were the shoes. I think I was in Jr. High or High School before I slipped into church in sneakers.

This pattern works up quickly despite the layered look. I used a flower button instead of crocheting one. I did not add one tot he hat.


I added additional rows to the skirt and then forgot to add them to the coat. This required me to pull out the edging and add rows to the coat before finishing as the coat looks better when it is longer than the skirt.

The shoes require an I hook to fit the JC Toys 16-inch Baby Doll or they are too tight. I added an extra row at the top before making the shoe strap and the shoes fit better.

This time I did have the 7 hook to use instead of the H and the fit was better. The pattern alternates between a G, 7, and a H hook. The last time I made this I'd misplaced my 7 and went with the H. The 7 makes for a better fit.

As an additional note the buttons I've been using from a long ago swap no longer have a complete set of larger sized buttons that can be used for this coat. I put this note here to remind myself when I pull this up next year to buy coat buttons or there won't be any to finish this project. I've been very blessed that the supply has held out this long but as with all things they do come to an end.

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Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

I come to visit you from The Loop Scoop 7 where I also participate.
I like your artwork.
Thanks for sharing.
Greetings from Spain

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