Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crochet World Bonus Patterns Feb 2011

I was not thrilled with my pattern selections from Crochet World when the February issued arrived on Christmas Eve. I subscribe to the magazine because I love the toys and doll patterns they publish. This issue had a cute tea set, but not much else in the way of fun stuff. I almost forgot to check the web bonus patterns because there is usually some connection between the theme for the magazine and the web bonuses. I have found some wonderful pattern gems that extend my favorite patterns in this manner.

This month was a wonderful surprise. There was a beautiful 16" doll dress, bonnet, and shoes pattern. I am fairly confident I can get the bonnet to fit an 18" doll. I will have to see if the other items will fit with some adaptations.

I am not sure the second pattern will be something I can do, but I had to print it. The pattern is a thread pattern for a Voyage of the Dawn Treader ship and the dragon head on the ship is beautiful. I do not know if there is any possible way for me to adapt this to a medium I can work with successfully, but I had to print and save the pattern, just to try it. There is also a CD Coaster pattern and an afghan pattern that I did not bother to download for those who are interested. People can also access previous web bonuses when they log in to the site.

Subscribers have to provide their subscription information in order to access the web bonus patterns. However, if you purchase the magazine, a code is provided to provide access the patterns, too.

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