Monday, January 10, 2011

American Girl Doll Colonial Outfit Crochet

This was the second outfit I made from PatternsByJeannine SIGNATURE SERIES: All American Girls - 36 Crochet Patterns for 18 inch Dolls. This time the outfit looked much more like the original pattern. I have never done quite so much treble crochet before. Like the first pattern however, I did not do it right the first time. However, this time I caught my mistake and was able to fix the skirt pattern as this pattern is a skirt and shirt, not a dress.

I am experimenting with yarn as I do not have the Bernat Satin, but did have some Caron Simply Soft. It seemed to work well. The patterns state sports yarn. However, the pattern actually lists worsted weight thickness by number. Some of the patterns ask for Bernat Satin specifically. I have not actually tried the sports yarn. However, when I made the Valentine's dress I used worsted weight yarn and the waist fit. I suspect if I had used sport's weight yarn that it would have been too small.

The pattern also called for Chenille to make the trim for the dress. I am on a quest to try to use up my stash of yarn. My goal is not to buy more yarn unless I have to in order to finish a project. If I cannot find a substitute, I am giving myself permission to buy. In this case, I used the same white yarn I used for all my holiday trim. I left off the arm trim because it did not look right with this yarn.

I also put a snap on the neckband instead of the tie the pattern suggested. Again, this is about my audience. The child this will be going to will find the snap much easier to manage than the ties suggested in this pattern. Those looking for style may prefer the tie.

I am thinking about making this as a dress. I think the style would work. I am also thinking about using the style of the skirt for a Hello Kitty Valentine outfit. It is amazing how learning a new style can apply to doing something completely different.

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Daisy said...

That is adorable! I bet the Hello Kitty one will be as cute as it can be!

C.Mahan said...

Turned out very cute!

Gwynne said...

Very cute!

Nicole Ireland said...

Very cute! It makes me wish I was a kid again and had an American Doll. I used to love the books.

Calissa Leigh said...

So very cute! I love the blue of it. :) Inspiring!

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