Monday, January 3, 2011

Skipper Skating Outfit

I bought three sets of the camping Skipper and Kelly/Stacie dolls on clearance. Mom and I needed the dolls for models to make clothes and the other two sets will be used for a combination of Easter and birthday presents. I had a Kelly doll from a Church sale that I experimented with making clothes for prior to Christmas and sent one outfit off with my Christmas box. However, I promised myself I would not open the box with Skipper until after Christmas.

Sure enough Christmas afternoon I was opening Skipper's box and pulling out an Annie's Attic vintage book I had purchased to start this outfit. I have not found many free patterns for Skipper. You can see what I have located on the Kelly/Skipper page, the link available underneath. I have found a couple of Annie's Attic Crochet Little Sister books. This pattern comes from Fashion Doll Little Sister, Pattern Number 87D22 published 1986. This book uses primarily sports yarn, which if you follow my blog you know is important to me. The second one I purchased was Fashion Doll Sister and Me, 87D21, also published 1986. This one unfortunately is crochet thread. I am hoping I can convert some of the patterns to Lustersheen because I am hopeless with thread. I have seen both these available on vintage pattern sites and auction sites if you are looking for them.

I am confused if this is supposed to be a rollerskating or ice skating outfit. The pattern shows a picture with old fashioned laced roller skates, but also has it in the winter patterns. I guess the child with the doll gets to choose what she will do when wearing the outfit.

While there are not many free patterns available for Skipper, I am hoping I can use what I am learning from the published patterns and my experience with Barbie to make a variety of other Skipper items once I finish the first book that uses sports yarn. For instance knowing the waist on the skirt and the party dress, I can play with other Barbie patterns to try to adapt them to Skipper sizes.

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Laura Townshend said...

Wow! This brought back memories! I loved my Barbies and in particular, Skipper. Her outfit is adorable...this is a wonderful project. I'm so not crafty -- it's great to see other women who are. :-)

Anonymous said...

That is adorable! Skipper sure got the short end of the stick next to Barbie! Thankfully she has you to get her dressed in some great clothes!


Nicole Ireland said...

That outfit is adorable. I miss the days when I played with Barbie and my biggest decision was what outfit to put on her for her date with Ken. Actually, that's a lie. My biggest decision was whether or not she should date GI Joe or Ken.

Anonymous said...

That is really awesome. I always wished I had the talent and patience to make nifty stuff out of yarn. - TS Mize

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