Friday, January 14, 2011

Barbie Valentine Ball Gown

As part of my Valentine's packages, I had the idea of doing a Valentine's Ball theme for the dolls. Since Skipper will not be traveling until the spring, this meant dresses for Kelly, Barbie, and the American Girl doll. I have not decided if Ken will be involved. His is usually a last minute decision. Even Hello Kitty is getting into the theme. I am working on a pink outfit based on the techniques used for the American Girl Colonial outfit.

This is the Annie's Attic Winter Formal Pattern from Annie's Fashion Doll Quick and Easy book number 87D20 I discussed yesterday. This Winter Formal outfit benefited from the large amount of red sports yarn I had ordered anticipating a need for both Christmas and Valentine's Day projects. This meant I did not have to try to play with the skirt. I had enough to finish the pattern requirements. I also used an elastic waist with this version as well.

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Unknown said...

That is super cute. I love to crochet but never doll clothes, everyone in my family has boys and I don't think that G.I. Joe needs a gun cozy lol

Nicole said...

I love the shawl!

Daisy said...

Very nice! I love all of your work. Such patience it must take.

principeta said...

My favorite.

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