Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello Kitty Valentine Crochet

I have been working on a Valentine's Ball Theme for my Valentine's packages. Hello Kitty's outfit is a combination of several outfits. The dress is based on the American Girl Colonial dress I posted about earlier. Her cloak is adapted from Barbie's Valentine Cloak pattern. Her hat was complete fabrication. I started with a headband and kept playing with the stitches until I had a hat.

The length of the body has become an issue when designing outfits that are more interesting. I have been thinking about making a longer body to accommodate more detailed outfits. It should not be too challenging and would allow for more creative exploration.

Armina Ami-Nals' Hello Kitty patterns have been a great help and inspiration for creating my own Hello Kitty's. I still use her witch pattern as my basic body pattern, but I have expanded my dress making techniques to include my experience with doll clothes. For those of you interested in patterns, you can find links to her free patterns and others on the Hello Kitty page.

I am still making lots of doll clothes. I have Barbie dress that will be posted this week and a Skipper dress that needs to be photographed. I have to do some pattern cleaning because I was looking for an American Girl doll pattern to meet my charity goal and I seem to have misplaced the pattern. I have been moving stuff around so I know it will turn up. I just had hoped to get that finished yesterday.

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