Thursday, November 11, 2010

American Girl Doll Bathrobe

This is the last of the items Mom sent me for my niece. The bathrobe was part of our sewing project we began last summer. I cut it out and Mom took it home to assemble and mail back to me.

Even if I complete nothing else before Christmas she should have a very well dressed doll. I have been asked to donate some American Girl items so I think I will be looming another hat and crocheting another poncho as I have a longer lead time on mailing the Christmas gifts than I do on the donation. My Mom will be sending 18" doll clothes for her great grandaughter's Springfield dolls so she should have plenty to wear. I still would like to complete a few more outfits of my own to add, though.

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Dubem said...

Hello Dude,

American Girl Doll Bathrobe is looking so sweet. Thanks alot....
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