Friday, November 26, 2010

The Last of the Thanksgiving Dolls

Well for this year anyways the Thanksgiving doll theme is done. Monday night I finished the last Barbie outfit I needed for a birthday we were celebrating on Thanksgiving. I took the pictures of the American Girl Doll outfit on a Springfield doll and Barbie for my records and started working on a Hello Kitty Santa. Santa's elves' crochet hooks do not have time to stop.

I was very pleased with the final American Girl outfit. This is Darski's free Pilgrim outfit modified. I used the bonnet from the Pilgrim Weeble pattern and with just a few minor adjustments; it is the best one I have tried so far. This time I added the collar in the correct position, but used a button to close it as I never fully understood her directions for adding the collar. The button works and I may use the strategy again.

The Shady Lane Barbie was determined to be trouble. The pattern can be found in Timeless Fashion Dolls Volume 1, #495. I have no idea why since this was the second attempt using elastic. However, it just seemed everything was more challenging and each portion of the outfit determined to make me thankful it was completed and not needed for another year.

I am grateful that my skills have progressed to the point I was able to create these items for family this year. I am also thankful for people who have freely given of their talents and those who sell their patterns so I can make these items. Since I have started crocheting finding non-thread Barbie doll crochet patterns has become increasing challenging. Finding simple American girl style patterns also not easy. However, I have seen my abilities increase and I am enjoying being able to do more than I was last year making toys and doll's clothes for kids. Next year I hope to be able to increase my donations to charities that collect toys for kids.

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